John Case. The man behind our philosophy.

John James Case, the inspiration for Case Sales Systems, was born in 1922 and grew up amid the Great Depression. The challenges of that devastating period weren’t lost on John, and it shaped his life long philosophy: “Every problem,” he said, “is an opportunity to shine.”

And shine he did. As a combat veteran during World War II, and for nearly 40 years managing a major paper mill, no matter what challenges life threw at him, John embraced change and turned it to his advantage.  That “can-do” attitude is an essential part of Case Sales Systems today.

When the going gets tough, the tough take action!

The rapid pace of change in business today can often create paralysis within a company, which can lead to inaction. Or, what we call COI, Cost Of Inaction.

Doing the same old thing – or nothing at all ­– can cost a company more than $10,000 a day! (And that’s a low estimate.) Not making a decision is actually the worst decision, because it ignores critical challenges vital to your company’s survival.

For the right results, start with the right questions.

John always knew that the first step in solving any problem is asking the right questions. And that’s what we still do at Case Sales Systems.


Experienced Case Experts Are Ready For Lift Off.

Brian McAdams
With over 40 years of “C” level experience in a wide range of businesses, Brian has bought and sold companies worth over $500 million and put start ups on the New York Stock Exchange.



Rob Schmidt
Rob has more than 20 years of consumer marketing experience, including running 100 million brands for international corporations. Client experience includes Walmart, Sam’s, Costco, Target, Kroger, Safeway, and nearly every major US retailer. A seasoned social media marketer, Rob’s specialty is launching new products that delight consumers.


Michael Bense

Michael has over 30 years of experience as a copywriter and creative director for leading advertising agencies.  Agency experience includes Ketchum Communications and Earle Palmer Brown, where he was Senior Vice President/Creative Director, as well as a member of the agency’s strategic planning board.  Along the way he’s produced TV, radio, outdoor, print and digital advertising for clients in packaged goods, fast food, healthcare, retail, financial services, business-to-business and academic institutions.

Daryl Billingsley

Daryl has helped Real Estate Agencies, Medical Practices, Health and Wellness Companies and Small Businesses leverage the internet including Facebook and Google to generate more sales leads, add clients and increase revenue.  Daryl relies on well researched traffic methods in combination with the latest techniques & technologies to deliver his strategic messages to the target markets. 


Bob Musial

During his 35-year business development and marketing career, Bob has been instrumental in generating $160+ million in new and recurring business across a wide variety of B2B categories. He blends that experience with strategic humor designed to help educate, entertain and inform audiences in a memorable manner.

Bob guest lectures at colleges and universities, including the 10-university consortium Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans’ program.  His sales-related articles have appeared in LinkedIn PULSE categories, HubSpot, The Public Relations Society of America, business journals and multiple publishing platforms.