Urgent Insights

The COI for failing to respond to consumer needs, wants, desires and changes to those items can mean the different between massive failure or your business growing and succeeding beyond your wildest dreams!  COI, if you haven’t heard of it, stands for Cost Of Inaction.  We’ve built the smartphone friendly Urgent Insights platform to meet the primary challenges any business will face and provide actionable insights so that you can stay on the pulse of your customer.

  • Shortened customer feedback length and made it smartphone friendly to meet today’s needs
  • We break down the silos between market research (customer feedback) and marketing (platform proactively manages word of mouth advertising)
  • Customers can share pictures to help tell their story – Facebook offered $3 billion for Snapchat which is pictures telling the story about how people are feeling/doing
  • We’ve included video capabilities to help sell product in your locations without needlessly investing hundreds of thousands of dollars for equipment & labor
  • We provide instantly actionable data to the specifical managers who need to take action
  • Marketing teams can collect previously unimaginable data from consumers at the time of making a purchase decision
We’ve clearly created disruptive technology and that is how companies make step change increases to their growth.  Companies know the “what” & Urgent Insights provides the “why”.  Not everyone will be brave enough to be a leader and adopt disruptive technology (think horses to motorized vehicles or from “scratch meals” to prepared entrees) but those that do will be the winners.  If you are a leader, please complete the contact us form on the right and let’s begin a discussion to understand your needs.