Why Case Sales System

Our clients, small and mid-sized companies in just about every business category, always ask us about the background and experience of Case Sales Systems marketing experts.

Our lead strategists, Rob Schmidt and Brian McAdams, have more than 75 years of hands-on experience managing and consulting for companies in a wide range of categories.


Brian McAdams

With over 40 years of “C” level experience in a wide range of businesses, Brian McAdams has bought and sold companies worth over $500 million and helped launch start-ups on the New York Stock Exchange. Brian has brought his marketing skills to bear on some of the business world’s most challenging problemsYou can learn more about Brian’s background at https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-mcadams-14597b/


Rob Schmidt

Rob holds an MBA in marketing, and has spent more than a decade running $100MM+ brands for major U.S. companies, including new product launches.  Over the years, Rob has worked directly with nearly every major retailer in the country. Today, as an entrepreneur specializing in online/offline marketing as well as software development, Rob offers you a wealth of seasoned marketing knowledge and experience. You can learn more about Rob’s background at https://www.linkedin.com/in/robbschmidt


Michael Bense

Michael has over 30 years of experience as a copywriter and creative director for leading advertising agencies.  Agency experience includes Ketchum Communications and Earle Palmer Brown, where he was Senior Vice President/Creative Director, as well as a member of the agency’s strategic planning board.  Along the way he’s produced TV, radio, outdoor, print and digital advertising for clients in packaged goods, fast food, healthcare, retail, financial services, business-to-business and academic institutions.


Bob Musial

During his 35-year business development and marketing career, Bob has been instrumental in generating $160+ million in new and recurring business across a wide variety of B2B categories. He blends that experience with strategic humor designed to help educate, entertain and inform audiences in a memorable manner.

Bob guest lectures at colleges and universities, including the 10-university consortium Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans’ program.  His sales-related articles have appeared in LinkedIn PULSE categories, HubSpot, The Public Relations Society of America, business journals and multiple publishing platforms.